As an international life coach, my client base consists of working internationals as well as their partners and teenage children. If you feel you or your children need support to better manage the many challenges of living and thriving in a new environment, I would love to start that journey with you. 

Individual Coaching

First Step: Free Discovery Consultation

The first step is a 30 minute discovery consultation free of charge. Here we will dive into what you want to achieve during your international journey and how I can help you get there. If you are calling on behalf of your child, we will discuss their needs as well as your concerns and how we can work together to make sure these are met and addressed. In addition, we will discuss what you can expect from coaching and agree on the best path going forward. 

If you decide to continue your coaching journey with me, the following sessions will be 1 hour and cost €100. I offer coaching in English as well as in Dutch. Phone, Skype or Zoom appointments are available.

How I Can Help You

My coaching is based on an ICF accredited foundational coaching model that transforms the way individuals view themselves and interact with others. Together, we will co-create in the moment and get you closer towards your goal. 

We do this by exploring four central topics:

  • We start with fulfillment; what drives you, what are your passions and values are and what is your bigger purpose.

  • Knowing what fulfills you, we take a look at how you can make balanced choices in your life, ones that speak to your inner drivers and align with what you want.

  • Following this, we analyze how you can enjoy the process and be in the moment when making these choices or taking these actions.

  • We end with finding synergy between the different components; how can you use what you have learned and confidently continue to apply it in your daily life?

By asking the right questions and helping you to understand possible obstacles, you will gain the clarity and confidence you need to move in the direction you want to go. 


Do you have a group who would like to learn more about international living? I am bookable to hold in-person and virtual seminars on the following themes:

  • How can I thrive during my international experience?

  • How can I support my children during our international journey?

Contact me for more information.