Whether you are moving abroad for the first time, have been in your international journey for some time or are returning to your country of origin after living abroad, coaching can help provide the tools to feel confident and in control and will serve you or your children for the rest of your lives.

My coaching services will benefit:

  • Young adults with an international background who want to come to terms with their upbringing or decide on their path after graduating high school

  • University students planning to study abroad or work abroad after their studies

  • Individuals working in a foreign country

  • Expat spouses who support their partner in a multinational career

Diving into your values, aspirations and goals with someone who has coaching experience and learned first hand about the benefits of international living can accelerate your fulfillment and save you time and pain in adjusting. This in combination with giving you the structure and motivation to achieve what you have set out to achieve and more.