As an adult ‘third culture kid’ who has had an international upbringing, I understand and relate to the impact of moving around continuously and adapting yourself in order to fit in. Originally from the Netherlands, my first experience abroad began at the age of 7. 9 moves, 8 countries and 2 continents later, I found that the experience shaped me in both positive and less positive ways. I quickly came to realize that additional support at a younger age would have served me incredibly well. Speaking to my international friends, most them agree. Unfortunately, we didn't know it existed, let alone how to ask for it.

After spending several years working for a multinational organization in the financial industry in Amsterdam and New York, I decided to dedicate myself to supporting internationals through coaching along with spreading awareness of the challenges this lifestyle can bring to individuals, and how these present opportunities for growth. ‘Coach for Internationals’ was born out of the recognition of a lack of personalized support for this growing section of the population. Since I myself have been through what my clients are going through, I can understand and relate to them on a highly personal level and create a safe space for them to be heard and feel understood.

Currently based in Amsterdam, I have followed the Coach Training Institute ‘Co-Active Coaching’ training. This, in combination with my experience living abroad, have given me the tools to empower you to grow into your most authentic self. 


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